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"If you wanna hear some amazing guitar, cool vocals

and great renditions of classic tunes, look no further

than the Karate Cowboy extraordinaire!

He's amazing!"

Coach | Radio Host  | KWVH Wimberley Valley Radio 

Imagine a dark stage, you feel the rumble of bass and hear an ominous droning sound. You hear guitar, it's a familiar tonality but excitement builds because it is also exotic and virtuosic. 


A spotlight shines on a man wearing a cowboy hat. The guitar begins to get more intense, building towards a climactic moment as multiple stage lights flash! 


Finally there is a release, a sensation of floating as the intro effortlessly resolves into a song performed with a silky smooth voice—you and the audience are floored by the unique and breathtaking experience.


Experience the magic of electrifying guitar and enchanting vocals in this innovative and brilliant cultural tapestry.

Indulge in the extraordinary as familiar classics intertwine with wild and artistic elements, leaving you breathless and craving more. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind performance that redefines musical excellence and guarantees an unforgettable evening.


Described as Django Reinhardt meets Willie Nelson, and Frank Sinatra with a cowboy hat: The Karate Cowboy bridges West with East, Crooners with Cowboys and rocks out the guitar like no other. It's an action packed musical experience unlike anything you've ever seen or heard!

Are you ready to unleash The Karate Cowboy? 

"The Karate Cowboy is a great fun entertainer that takes guitar playing to the next level" 

Rick Del Castillo | Del Castillo/Smilin Castle Productions 


And My Mission Is....


I've been performing music around the USA for over 25 years. I got my first paying gig at a place called Hole in the Wall in Austin, TX when I was 15 years old. The staff totally freaked out when I showed up and they saw I was a kid—but they let me play anyway and slid me some cash under the table afterwards. 


Since first picking up the violin at the age of eight years old, music has been the greatest joy in my life. 


For me, music is about goosebumps and the kind of excitement you get on Christmas Eve. Music feels like flying or like a rollercoaster—it takes you on a ride and you're torn between grabbing a hold something familiar and letting go. I want to remind people of a time when magic was real: when the world was such an exciting place and we believed that amazing things could happen at any moment.

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